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Just to be sure, your doctor may order a blood test for testosterone male hormone to make sure that it is not elevated. Other more serious conditions. Some people worry that this increases hair growth in the area, but this is not so. Maintaining a healthy weight may correct your level of androgens without the use of medication. Here's five changes you may see or feel just by taking moreā€¦. Blood sugar and cholesterol levels may be tested, because diabetes and high levels of cholesterol commonly are associated with some causes of hirsutism. It most often begins during puberty.

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Excessive or Unwanted Hair in Women

The main symptom of hirsutism is thick, coarse, dark hair that grows on parts of the body where it would normally grow as fine, thin hair. While having facial hair is normal for a man, it can be unsettling when anything more than peach fuzz shows up on a woman. Women normally have low levels of androgens. There are times when chin hair is a red flag that something may be going on with your health. While undergoing medical evaluation and treatment, you can be thinking about ways to safely remove excess body and facial hair. No, my menstrual cycles have never been regular.

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Electrolysis : Electrolysis is the removal of hair using an electric current. A doctor will look at those particular sites to assess whether the patient has an increase in androgens. How to Grow a Beard Faster. The cause of idiopathic hirsutism is not known. Treatment of hirsutism.
This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Chin hair can be removed safely using a number of at-home and professional methods, if you choose to do so. How to Grow a Beard Faster. Hirsutism in women means that hair follicles are being over-stimulated by testosterone or other androgen hormones. Everyone has hair on their chin and this is perfectly normal. If you have excessive, male-pattern hair growth or unusually rapid growth of male-pattern hair in a short period of time, you should see a medical professional. Email it to Life's Little Mysteries and we'll try to answer it.
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